Coaches & Coaching Credentials

List of Coaches (by season)



Football -                     Joe Acciardo                401-413-4692

                                    Anthony DeMarco        401-639-0816

                                    Stephen DeMeo          401-529-7737

                                    Bruce Mastracchio       401-885-3160

Glenn Perrotta              401-256-7428


Soccer (JHS)               Dan Mazzulla                401-255-5069

                                    Edmund Dalo               401-588-2483

            (FMS)              Mario Nasisi                 401-219-6269


X -Country -                Brian Iafrate                 401-413-3634


Basketball (JHS)          Steve De Meo              401-529-7737

                                    Ed Bedrosian                401-862-8628

                 (FMS)         Dan Mazzulla               401-255-5069


Hockey -                     Dave Accetturo            401-497-8521

                                    Fred Morrison              401-374-6829

                                    Jason Marsland            401-499-1130


Wrestling (JHS)            Matt Mancuso              401-787-5460

                                    Travis Drappi               973-953-1345

                (FMS)          Mario Nasisi                 401-219-6269


Golf -                           Jason Corsini                401-487-7874


Baseball (JHS)             Steve De Meo              401-529-7737

                                    Ed Bedrosian                401-862-8628

                                    Brian Iafrate                 401-413-3634

             (FMS)             Joseph Acciardo           401-413-4692

                                    David Iannuccilli           401-639-2594


Outdoor Track             Greta Lalli                    401-439-0804





Soccer (JHS)               Tim Sprouls                  401-808-1510

                                    Laura Mahwhiney         401-585-4310

                                    Robert Oszajca            401-996-5546

            (FMS)              Daniel Robbins              401-226-2637

                                    Marion Chiello              401-265-4807


X - Country -               Brian Iafrate                 401-413-3634


Basketball (JHS)          Chris Corsinetti             401-640-8039

                                    Matt La Fazia               401-378-6865

                 (FMS)         Haley Foss                   401-633-4613

                                    Arthur Moretti              401-529-9703


Softball - (JHS)            Edward Tutalo              401-474-2723

                                    Toni-Marie Achilli         401-226-6126

                (FMS)          Mario Nasisi                  401-219-6269


Outdoor Track             Dan Mazzulla                401-255-5069


Volleyball -                  Greta Lalli                    401-439-0804

                                    Ed Saravo                    401-569-6696


Cheering -                    Sue Parillo                    401-580-0293

                                    Kim Castiglioni             401-533-6611


Majorettes -                 Melissa Iafrate             401-556-5685

                                    Kaolin Boardman         401-533-7160

Coaching Credentials for Volunteer and/or Paid Coaches in Johnston



All individuals who wish to coach at Johnston High School and/or Ferri Middle School require the following prior to their appointment and their assumption of coaching duties. This pertains to appointed positions as well as volunteers.


1.    Letter of application for the position

2.    Valid First Aid/CPR card (fee varies, depending on source)

3.    RI Coaching Certificate, obtained from the RI Department of Education (First Aid card is necessary prior to seeking this certificate)(fee = $100.00)

4.    National BCI (Background Criminal Investigation) Check, obtained from the Attorney Generals' Office in Providence (should be sent directly to Johnston Public Schools) (fee = $35.00)

5.    Concussion Course certificate (annually), obtained online from the National Federation of High Schools ( (free)

6.    Basic Coaching Course (with Rhode Island test) certificate, also obtained from the National Federation of High Schools website (see #4 above) (fee = $50.00)

7.    Athletic Experience resume' to include references and contact information

8.    Tuberculosis Test (TB) results, obtained from a physician

9.    Johnston Public Schools Application, obtained from the Superintendent's Office, 10 Memorial Avenue, Johnston, RI)

10. A sport-specific coaching course may be available at These courses are considered valuable credentials for any coach and are therefore recommended but not required (fee = $50.00).


All of the above information should be submitted to the Athletic Director, Johnston High School, 345 Cherry Hill Road, Johnston, RI 02919, who will then forward to the Superintendent's Office.

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