Required Forms and Videos for Athletic Participation

List of Required Forms

   The following forms are required for student participants in the Athletic Programs at Johnston High School.

             1.  Assumption of Risk Form -- This form is a parental waiver that acknowledges the fact that sports are inherently dangerous, but that the parent allows his/her child to participate anyway. This form needs to be submitted only once during the student's high school career.

             2. Parent Permission Form -- This form must be completed for each sport that a student competes in, and each year that he/she participates. This form is extremely important since it allows a child to be treated for an injury, if necessary, even though the parent may not be accessible.

             3. Physical Examination Form -- Each student-athlete must have a valid physical examination signed by a physician to be able to participate in sports at the high school or middle school. A physical exam is only good for 1 year (365 days) only. Thus, a new physical is necessary during each year of participation.

             4. Concussion Booklet -- Each student-athlete must become aware of the dangers of concussions. This booklet contains basic information about concussions and is required by the State of Rhode Island prior to participation in sports at the high school. Parents and athletes must read the booklet and return the signature section to the Athletic Office.

             5. Contest Travel Release Form -- This form is used whenever a student-athlete is unable to ride to or from games on the school bus. The form must be received in advance by the Athletic Director, approved by him, and given to the coach, in order to excuse the student from riding the bus. This form should be used only for unusual situations.

Required Athletic Video

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