Music Department


    The High School Music Department is committed to providing high quality musical experiences and instruction to all high school students. We take great pride in presenting a demanding curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. Our students continue to be the highest achieving in our district.


    DO NOT BUY A MATTRESS or any other bedding accessories until our event.
    Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at the high school cafeteria.
    All major brands and quality product offered at major discounts and our group will profit greatly. The JSMA is looking to fill the coffers to aid in trip payments, offer scholarships, and host our spring banquet.
    There are tons of individual student incentives also.
    More details to come shortly.
    Spread the word!


    The 20/20 Raffle Fundraiser is under way.
    Each student traveling is required to sell one ticket - this is how the raffle is funded. Each ticket after the first sale goes DIRECTLY TO THE STUDENT'S ACCOUNT.
    Tickets are $20. Your buyer will be giving you nearly ALL the money and they will be entered into 20 drawings! Each drawing doubles their investment in you. Winners get $40 and their ticket goes back in for EVERY DRAWING.
    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Mr.Lamoureux.
    Sell six tickets and put $100 into your account. Sell eleven tickets and earn $200 towards the trip - too good to be true, but very real.
    We leave no one behind!
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