Student Accounts

We are committed to providing exceptional opportunities for our amazing students both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. Countless hours are dedicated to the establishment and implementation of fundraisers throughout the school year.
Most profit from the fundraisers goes directly to each student's individual account. The accounts are maintained for the entire time that a Johnston music student is enrolled in a performing ensemble for at least one semester in a school year. A small portion of our fundraisers this year will go to the JSMA general fund to allow our booster group to award scholarships, support the needs of our program, and to host our annual awards banquet.
Accounts are audited each year for accuracy. Student balances are now available. Please feel free to inquire via email for your balance.
Contact Mr. Lamoureux with any questions.
Below is a list of this year's fundraisers that have profits going directly to student accounts:
Amy's Gourmet Apples (Thanksgiving and Christmas Deliveries)
Yankee Candle
Mattress Fundraiser
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