Student Accounts

We are committed to providing exceptional opportunities for our amazing students both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. Countless hours are dedicated to the establishment and implementation of several fundraisers throughout the school year.
ALL profit from the majority of the fundraisers goes directly to each student's individual account. The accounts are maintained for the entire time that a Johnston music student is enrolled in a performing ensemble for at least one semester in a school year.
Accounts are audited each year for accuracy. Student balances are now available. Invoices will be generated this week for all Hershey participants.
Contact Mr. Lamoureux with any questions.
Below is a list of this year's fundraisers that have 100% of all profits going directly to student accounts:
Hershey's Candy 
Amy's Gourmet Apples (Thanksgiving and Christmas Deliveries)
20/20 Raffle December
20/20 Raffle February


Please turn in all candy money immediately. Late returns make it extremely difficult to reconcile the student accounts and take money away from other students.
Thanks for your consideration.
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