Music Exploration



In class, we don’t always get the chance to be ourselves - reveal our hopes, dreams, and let people know what is important to us. I’m hoping you’ll take this as an opportunity to showcase who you are. 


I will not share any portion of your project with the class without your express permission.



Your presentation may be:

1. Narrative

Please do your best with grammar and spelling. If you are most comfortable in another language, use it or utilize English where you can.

2. Collage

3. Song

I’ll need to hear it.

4. Powerpoint or Similar.


Here’s the notes we took in class to guide you:

Birth (Date/Place)

Family (Siblings/Ethnicity)

Activities (Sports/Hobbies)

Special Interests/Talents





Career/School Goals




“Mr. Lamoureux, how long does it need to be?”


Put your best effort into the project for a superior grade. The length is not as important as HOW you present the information. Promise that I’ll be able to tell if you tried or are just looking for a “D” (Passing is 65).


Due Friday, September 15th, 2017. Hard copies may be handed in or you may email to


Really looking forward to learning more about some of the best kids around!



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