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Williamsburg Trip


Please print and return these forms at the trip meeting on March 26th.

Everyone needs to complete the Medical/Emergency Contact form:

Students who take any medications, including OTC medication need to complete the Medication Consent form:
Everyone needs to complete the STUDENT EXPECTATIONS CONTRACT



We'll spend the whole day here on Saturday (10:00AM - 10:00PM). Even if the weather is not so pleasant, this will be venue for the day.
Be sure to bring clothes for the varying conditions we may experience. (Use your weather app to plan accordingly.)
There are lockers that you can use (and share with friends). Consult the map to find these so you're not carrying around loads of cargo.

If an announcement should be broadcast that the park is closing due to severe conditions, go immediately to our "rally point" which will be announced before we enter the park.


Make sure you have appropriate clothes picked out for the conditions of the day. You will be free to explore in your peer groups but remember to never be fewer than three in your group.
There are many places to grab lunch in this area so plan to have a few dollars. (Don't forget to leave a tip for service.)

The area we'll be visiting is a bit of a walk so be sure to plan your itinerary in a way that gets you back to the coaches on time.


This year's chaperons are:

Lori Agnew
Dave Banno
Ozivette DiLorenzo
Patricia Langford
Kristen LaPLante
Matthew McGuirl
Anna Morin
Pam Oliveira