2017-2018 School Year

PARENTS/GUARDIANS:  Access the Aspen Family Portal.  The parent portal will allow you to view your child(s) information, such as contacts, transcripts, assessments, attendance, and conduct.  Please go to johnstonschools.org.  Click on the top tab, Student/Parent Pages.  Click on the bottom, "Sign up here!"  You contain obtain your login and password from your child's school counselor.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:  Wednesday, August 30
To All Parents/Guardians: 

If you are not already on the Parent/Guardian ListServe, please send your e-mail address to Debbie Licciardi at dlicciardi@johnstonschools.org so that you may receive updated school information, messages, and memos from Guidance and Administration.  When you e-mail Miss Licciardi, please include your son/daughter’s name. 

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