Library Media Specialist & Center

Catherine Carroll-Chiulli, Library Media Specialist
(401) 233-1920 X2127
Hours:   7:00a.m.-3:00a.m. 
             Monday-Friday in accordance with school calendar
Interlibrary Loan and Service Policy: 2018-2019 Official Student Parent Handbook, Approved Johnston School Committee
2018-2019 Official Student Parent Handbook
Johnston Senior High School

Library Media Services
The school library media center program provides:
● Access to library media professionals, collections and programs
● Full integration of library media programs into curriculum
● A full-time library media specialist working in partnership with direct level personnel,
administrators, teachers, parents, business, industry, social agencies, other librarians, and
members of the larger community
● A serious commitment by each of those partners to the value of full and open access to
information and ideas
● Access to information technology

Access to the Library/Media Center
To visit the media center students must obtain a pass from a teacher in order to complete work
for that particular class. Students are to sign in and out of the media center with name/date/time.
The high school library/media program serves to support, supplement and expand curriculum. Its mission is to encourage lifelong learning so that all patrons may achieve their full potential as
literate, productive, ethical and responsible community members.

Students may borrow materials for a period of 10 days. The library’s collection is online through
RILINK; a cooperative, interactive union catalog of Rhode Island school library materials.
RILINK was developed to facilitate resource sharing among member libraries. Johnston Senior
High School students are able to borrow materials from other high school libraries in the state
through our media center.

The high school library media program serves to support, supplement and expand curriculum.
Additionally the media program fosters independent skills for lifelong learning. Access to a variety of library media including books, periodicals, non-print media and computer resources is
therefore vital for both faculty and students.

The following specific services are offered:
● Orientation program for all incoming students
● Skills lessons and review of material relevant to each content area including:
o Information seeking strategies
o Location and access information
o Recording and using information
o Crediting sources protocols
o Synthesizing information
o Planning research and writing timelines
o Evaluation of final product(s)
● Book talks and book displays to encourage leisure reading
● Individual research help
● Quiet surroundings for independent study
● Updated collections in nonfiction, reference and fiction
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