Science Department

February 7, 2019
Open to Public 6-8 pm
Top 6 Winners go on to the State Fair
Who is in the Science Fair?
Grade 9-11 all college prep (CP) students taking physical science, biology or chemistry &
ALL honors in AP science course
Judging is immediately after the school day on 2/7

US Office of Naval Research Grant Award for STEM - High School Chemistry

The JHS Chemistry Department received 125 annual student licenses for five years for NAC Chemistry & Engineering e-Learning Portal including texts and resources that include lab manuals, interactive simulations, and manipulative virtual lab investigations!  JHS also received six fully equipped "hands - in" lab stations for this new STEM (Lab0Aids) Natural Approach to Chemistry (NAC) NGSS program including a portable Lab-Master with spectrometer, temperature and other probes, data processing and display, for each station, and small scale heater for safe and quick data of thermal experiments.

Chemistry Club

Want to Join the Chemistry Club?
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Science Fair Project Models

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